It has certainly been sometime since I've updated this section but now that I have decided to, here goes.

ON NEWSPAPERS:  Some great papers are no longer being published in Denver, Seatlle and around the country.  It was said in Time(I think) that the Plain Dealer would be gone after this year.  That would be a shame.  Getting your news online is cool but nothing really takes the place of reading the morning paper with a cup of joe(or a bloody mary on weekends). It feels good in your hands, it sounds good, it's a remarkable wall between you and anything that would interrupt these sacred moments of privacy.

 I guess you can take your laptop into the privy but it's just not the same.  Box scores look better in a paper.  You can venture away with the travel sections. Who doesn't love the glossy Parade and those Sunday ads.

 You can read Peanuts reviews on line, but they are still better in print.  Chuck Yarborough's stuff too.

 After you've read it, you can wrap fish, line the birdcage, make paper mache, make cool sailors hats and acquire a huge stack of paper for those paper drives. It's an American tradition and it keeps talented people working.



 I hate those crawls at the bottom of network tv shows.  It's cool on ESPN but while trying to watch a show and perhaps see the names of the actors, it's nearly impossible because there is always some crap about the upcoming shows..that block it.  Or little people running across the screen or poppin up in a corner.  Please stop it.



When I was a wee child the radio was absolutely my favorite invisible friend.  I had many, but radio was number one.  Listening to the ball games and all that rock and roll.

I had the priveledge of being involved in radio for 20 years and do hope to do it again.

 It's sad that radio has become so sterile.  It's still a great medium that can be sucessful if it embraces the new technologies while returning to what it does best..which is be immediate.

 It seems to me that if radio would open up their playlists and SERVE the community that it would once again thrive.

 You can compete with Ipods and satellites by offering what they don't. That is FREE information and entertainment.

 Radio has taken the steps of downsizing to curb it's financial problems.  On paper that makes sense but do things "on paper" usually work out..nope.

 Having local talent and local account execs is imperitive to successful radio.  Those people are the connections to the clients (listeners).

 Sometimes it's important to take a step back in order to move ahead.

Is David Caruso one of the worst actors to ever grace a televison set ?

After all of the advances in civilization isn't it conceivable that the bra has finally been perfected

Why are people always ready to take things to the next level when they haven't made the first level perfect.

When did furlough start meaning unpaid vaction

How about a sin tax on actual sins..not vices

Does Amish friendship bread make your friends want to avoid you

Does anyone where sneakers anymore

How come the next big think usually isn't